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Fred Leone shares his experience working on the 31 Digital’s original production Beyond the Boundary Road.
Art Studio Season 08 DVD is available now!!
The complete season 08 of Art Studio is available on DVD with bonus features. For more information click the link: http://wayneclements.com.au/
There is something for everyone whether you're an experienced competition nut, an outback tourer, a novice 4wheeler or just an adventure junkie ... we have it all.
Wayne's thoughts about 31 Digital
Wayne Clements presenter of Art Studio expressing his views about 31 Digital and its influence on the local community.
SEQFA Mangrove Jack Ep
SEQFA Mangrove Jack Ep
Is the Open Web Dying a Slow Death?
"If we can't figure out how to improve consumer trust, our industry is in for a very, very difficult future," Chris Riley said.
"We're at sort of the precipice of a broad understanding of the threats to consumer trust going forward, and content blocking is one major piece of that”.

Are Driverless Cars the Future?
The motor industry may be undergoing a revolutionary change and it could happen within the next 5 years.

What Skipping Breakfast Can Do to Your Health
Although it is taught to us from a young age about the importance of having breakfast each morning,
it is not uncommon for many to skip or not fully indulge in this practice due to our busy work-prioritised lifestyles.
Naturally you would expect someone who skips their morning meal to be more prone to losing weight,
albeit in an unhealthy manner due to consuming fewer calories.

Is Life on Mars and the Existence of Extra-Terrestrials Possible?
Circumstancing with the worldwide release of ‘The Martian’, scientists have made the extraordinary discovery of evidence that liquid water exists on Mars,
with the identification of saltwater residue existing on the surface of the planet

Positive Aging Benefits from Video Games according to Report
The video game demographic has now expanded well beyond Gen Y and according to the Digital New Zealand report recently launched, is having
a greater impact than anyone could have imaged.

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Player Attack
Monday 9:30pm
Friday 11pm (repeat)

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Our Time
Sunday 5:30 pm;
Monday 9:30 am (Repeat);
Wednesday5:30 pm (Repeat);
Thursday 9:00 am (Repeat)


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